Ten Reasons Why an Auction is the Best Way to Sell Your Mobile Home

I have been selling Manufactured Homes (MH) since 1975. The homes I sold were mostly new and were sold from dealerships. Since then thousands of MHs have been sold by dealers across the nation. That is a good thing for them, the problem, as I have come to know, is the resell of those homes by the homeowners.

There is no formal platform for the reselling MHs. There are a few “MH Brokers” around, but they are limited in my state to selling only a few homes annually, unless they are a licensed MH Dealer. When a MH is sold with land, a Realtor can list the MH with the land, but as a Realtor, my experience is that most Realtors do not appreciate MHs and often consider them second rate. Consequently, MHs are an underserved housing segment and the selling in most cases is up to the homeowner, especially if it is home only with no land.

Throughout the nation, and here in NC, United Country specializes in rural and recreational properties called, “Lifestyle Properties.” In addition to these properties, our office has added Factory Built Homes (MH and Modular) to the properties we specialize in. We offer Traditional MLS listings of MHs and as a bonus we sell MHs both with and without land using the modern auction method. I think this is the best way to sell MHs. It makes perfect sense, especially with the recent addition of online auctioning. I have listed a few of the “Whys” below:

Why Auction

  1. Creates competition: when bidders compete, sellers win.
  2. Homes are sold “As Is” with no after the fact Due Diligence.
  3. Establishes a base price and eliminates the ceiling on pricing.
  4. Seller has full control (when, where, how much, terms, conditions, etc).
  5. Fully transparent and recognized as being fair to all parties in the marketplace – eliminates the craziness. of multiple offers which is common in today’s market.
  6. Only method that truly reveals the current fair market value.
  7. Creates excitement within the marketplace.
  8. Creates a sense of urgency that cannot be duplicated by any other method of marketing.
  9. Auctions are effective, exciting, and immediate.
  10. Unlimited flexibility using live, online simulcasts, and online only auctions.

Why Auction with United Country Real Estate | Broker Associates

  1. A company with a proven auction experience for over 90 years.
  2. Proprietary national advertising tools which reach over 90 million homes per WEEK and generates cost effective lead flow for marketing your property sales
  3. Dominant web sites for promoting property “for sale”…performance of the sites are unmatched in the market with over 1,500,000 visitors per month
  4. HERE IS THE BIG BONUS – I WILL NOT CHARGE YOU A COMMISSION TO SELL YOUR HOME. I do charge a Buyer’s Premium to the purchaser.

If you want to discuss selling your home using the Auction Method, please call or text me at 336-391-8094. My email is Jeff@broker-associated.com.